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Intelligent Rehabilitation Elliptical

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Robert J. McIver, PT, DPT, NCS
Director of Clinical Technology and Wellness
Brooks Neuro-Recovery Center Jacksonville, FL

We have had the ICARE at Brooks Rehabilitation for over 2 years now. It is one of our most highly utilised pieces of equipment. We use the ICARE to treat patients with any gait or balance impairments regardless of diagnosis; Orthopaedic, Neurologic, Geriatric, Bariatric, and Paediatric. The patients and staff love using the ICARE due to the versatility it provides as well as the ease of set up. The adjustability of speed and stride length ensure that training is customised to each patient and their specific needs. We have patients who come in just to use the ICARE in our independent programme to maintain their health and quality of life.

The staff that uses it enjoy that we can provide longer sessions of stepping with less assist from other staff and less need to muscle through a locomotor session on the treadmill. It also provides a way to increase stepping in a safe environment that we can work on functional tasks such as reaching and trunk rotations while the lower legs are moving to increase dynamic balance. Mostly, staff and patients like the fact that regardless of the level of function of the patient the ICARE provides the means to deliver a cardiovascular workout that no other machine can deliver.

We had a patient with a lumbar plexus palsy that was not able to generate a static EMG in his doctor’s office, but when using the ICARE at a higher speed was able to generate a dynamic EMG. After months of rehab using the ICARE the patient was able to return to running and playing with his children with no assistive devices. His prognosis prior to this discovery and intervention would be all standing and walking tasks would need a locking knee brace.

Overall, the ICARE is a very affordable piece of rehabilitation technology that allows any clinician to deliver a highly intense intervention that can be geared toward any patient population.

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